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Keys To Unlocking GodKeys To Unlocking God's Storehouse Part 2Pastor Rick Mercer, Nov 25, 2017
Keys To Unlocking GodKeys To Unlocking God's Storehouse Part 1Pastor Rick Mercer, Nov 18, 2017
WhatWhat's The CatchPastor Rick Mercer, Nov 4, 2017
Saved To Serve #3Saved To Serve #3Pastor Rick Mercer, Oct 14, 2017
Saved To Serve #2Saved To Serve #2Pastor Rick Mercer, Sep 30, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About PentecostThe Simple Gospel Truth About PentecostPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 16, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About HeavenThe Simple Gospel Truth About HeavenPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 9, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About AssuranceThe Simple Gospel Truth About AssurancePastor Rick Mercer, Aug 26, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About Forgiveness #2The Simple Gospel Truth About Forgiveness #2Pastor Rick Mercer, Aug 19, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About ForgivenessThe Simple Gospel Truth About ForgivenessPastor Rick Mercer, Aug 12, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About PrayerThe Simple Gospel Truth About PrayerPastor Rick Mercer, Aug 5, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About RepentanceThe Simple Gospel Truth About RepentancePastor Rick Mercer, Jul 15, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About ConversionThe Simple Gospel Truth About ConversionPastor Rick Mercer, Jul 8, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About SurrenderThe Simple Gospel Truth About SurrenderPastor Rick Mercer, Jun 17, 2017
The Simple Gospel Truth About SinThe Simple Gospel Truth About SinPastor Rick Mercer, May 27, 2017
The Old Man Is DeadThe Old Man Is DeadPastor Rick Mercer, May 13, 2017
The Gospel Made SimpleThe Gospel Made SimplePastor Rick Mercer, May 6, 2017
One Hot TopicOne Hot TopicPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 29, 2017
To God Be The GloryTo God Be The GloryPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 22, 2017
We Are The BodyWe Are The BodyPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 25, 2017
Totally SurrenderTotally SurrenderPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 18, 2017
The EscapeThe EscapePastor Rick Mercer, Mar 4, 2017
SinSinPastor Rick Mercer, Feb 11, 2017
The Called And ChosenThe Called And ChosenPastor Rick Mercer, Feb 4, 2017
Only Trust HimOnly Trust HimPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 28, 2017
Believe God CanBelieve God CanPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 21, 2017
Choose To Trust GodChoose To Trust GodPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 14, 2017
DonDon't Leave Home Without HimPastor Mike Cabana, Dec 31, 2016
Unto You A Savior is BornUnto You A Savior is BornPastor Rick Mercer, Dec 17, 2016
Freedom Is A ChoiceFreedom Is A ChoicePastor Rick Mercer, Dec 3, 2016
Rich Man And LazarusRich Man And LazarusPastor Rick Mercer, Nov 19, 2016
GideonGideon's ArmyPastor Rick Mercer, Nov 5, 2016
ItIt's Time To Take The Promise LandPastor Rick Mercer, Oct 8, 2016
Courage to StandCourage to StandPastor Rick Mercer, Oct 1, 2016
God Needs YouGod Needs YouPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 17, 2016
If My People PrayIf My People PrayPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 10, 2016
Touch of the MasterTouch of the Master's HandJom Ingersoll, Sep 3, 2016
Prayer = RelationshipsPrayer = RelationshipsPastor Rick Mercer, Aug 27, 2016
The Sabbath a Love RelationshipThe Sabbath a Love RelationshipTed Brackett, Aug 20, 2016
God Uses Ordinary PeopleGod Uses Ordinary PeoplePastor Rick Mercer, Aug 13, 2016
Rise Up And BuildRise Up And BuildPastor Barry Mahorney, Aug 6, 2016
GodGod's Thoughts are Not Our ThoughtsPastor Rick Mercer, Aug 6, 2016
Lord, Teach Us to PrayLord, Teach Us to PrayKelly Mowrer, Jul 16, 2016
Love WorksLove WorksPastor Rick Mercer, Jul 2, 2016
Who Is the Holy Spirit?Who Is the Holy Spirit?Pastor Rick Mercer, May 21, 2016
The Last Five MinutesThe Last Five MinutesPastor Rick Mercer, May 14, 2016
A Fresh New StartA Fresh New StartPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 30, 2016
What Do I Lack?What Do I Lack?Pastor Rick Mercer, Apr 23, 2016
Will a Man Rob God?Will a Man Rob God?Pastor Rick Mercer, Apr 16, 2016
Jesus Is Coming SoonJesus Is Coming SoonPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 9, 2016
A Good WordA Good WordElder Gary Moyer, Apr 2, 2016
Wake Up EutychusWake Up EutychusPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 12, 2016
Keys to Abundant Spiritual BlessingsKeys to Abundant Spiritual BlessingsCindy Mercer, Mar 5, 2016
Hymns and StoriesHymns and StoriesPathfinders, Feb 20, 2016
GodGod's MIQBarry Mahorney, Jan 30, 2016
Teach Me to PrayTeach Me to PrayPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 16, 2016
Choose to Be ChosenChoose to Be ChosenDennis Schwartz, Jan 9, 2016
Houston, We Have a ProblemHouston, We Have a ProblemPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 2, 2016
The World in RebellionThe World in RebellionPastor Rick Mercer, Nov 21, 2015
Daring to Pray for MoreDaring to Pray for MorePastor Rick Mercer, Nov 7, 2015
Treasure HuntTreasure HuntPastor Rick Mercer, Oct 31, 2015
Preparing to Meet the LordPreparing to Meet the LordPastor Rick Mercer, Oct 24, 2015
Taught of the LordTaught of the LordBarry Mahorney, Oct 10, 2015
Sweet FragranceSweet FragrancePastor Rick Mercer, Oct 17, 2015
We Are In a CrisisWe Are In a CrisisPastor Rick Mercer, Oct 10, 2015
God Still SpeaksGod Still SpeaksPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 26, 2015
God Can Move a MountainGod Can Move a MountainPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 21, 2015
Let It GoLet It GoPastor Rick Mercer, Sep 5, 2015
Wanted:CompassionWanted:CompassionPastor Rick Mercer, Aug 29, 2015
The Remnant of GodThe Remnant of GodPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 10, 2015
The Mark of the BeastThe Mark of the BeastPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 9, 2015
The Temple of GodThe Temple of GodPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 8, 2015
Buried and ForgottenBuried and ForgottenPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 7, 2015
RevelationRevelation's 1000 YearsPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 6, 2015
RevelationRevelation's Lake of FirePastor Rick Mercer, Apr 4, 2015
RevelationRevelation's Keys of DeathPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 4, 2015
How All the World Wonders After the BeastHow All the World Wonders After the BeastPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 3, 2015
The DevilThe Devil's Deception pt2Pastor Rick Mercer, Apr 2, 2015
The DevilThe Devil's Deception pt 1Pastor Rick Mercer, Apr 1, 2015
The Second Coming of JesusThe Second Coming of JesusPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 31, 2015
The Time of the EndThe Time of the EndPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 30, 2015
The Antichrist Beast pt2The Antichrist Beast pt2Pastor Rick Mercer, Mar 29, 2015
The Antichrist Beast, Part 1The Antichrist Beast, Part 1Pastor Rick Mercer, Mar 28, 2015
Countdown to EternityCountdown to EternityPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 27, 2015
Stand Up for JesusStand Up for JesusPastor Rick Mercer, Apr 18, 2015
A Commitment to Growing DisciplesA Commitment to Growing DisciplesEfileni Perez, Apr 11, 2015
Can You Make a Difference?Can You Make a Difference?Pastor Rick Mercer, Mar 21, 2015
Help My UnbeliefHelp My UnbeliefPastor Rick Mercer, Mar 14, 2015
All About Jesus pt4All About Jesus pt4Pastor Rick Mercer, Mar 1, 2015
All About Jesus pt3All About Jesus pt3Pastor Rick Mercer, Feb 28, 2015
All About Jesus pt2All About Jesus pt2Pastor Rick Mercer, Feb 28, 2015
All About Jesus pt1All About Jesus pt1Pastor Rick Mercer, Feb 27, 2015
GodGod's Steadfast LoveNeal Hardin, Feb 21, 2015
Dare to Be a CalebDare to Be a CalebPastor Rick Mercer, Feb 14, 2015
You Are the Light of the WorldYou Are the Light of the WorldPastor Rick Mercer, Feb 7, 2015
P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something HappensP.U.S.H. Pray Until Something HappensPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 31, 2015
Give Me JesusGive Me JesusPastor Rick Mercer, Jan 24, 2015
God Wants to Come to Your HouseGod Wants to Come to Your HousePastor Rick Mercer, Jan 17, 2015